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Video of Cat Snuggling Stuffed Animal

Does Anyone Work in IT? Because I Need This Cat Video on Loop ASAP!

Why not try it? Share this far and wide! 😂

Snuggly boy and his favorite toy.


Posted by Marielle Tepe on Wednesday, November 28, 2018

No matter what I do for my cats — whether it's giving them extra treats at night or scooping out the litter box in a timely fashion — the chances of them being cute and snuggly with me always remain at around roughly zero percent. But for Marielle Tepe, bedtime with her tabby Casper is an entirely different ball game. Recently, she shared a truly adorable video of her kitty snuggling up to his all-time favorite stuffed animal, and it's enough to make our hearts melt. Marielle captioned the video "Snuggly boy and his favorite toy. #MakeCasperFamous" and honestly, we can't help but watch this video over and over again. It's just too damn sweet!

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