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Video of Hungry Boy and People's Reactions

Be Honest: If You Saw a Boy Doing This, Would You Stop and Say Something?

Hungry boy - heroes

35 mins of filming, around 500 people had a chance to see the hungry boy and only a few people helped. In the original video we focused on one incredible group who cared. Now it's time to acknowledge a few others who did the same. #icareenough

Posted by NZ Police Recruitment on Tuesday, March 22, 2016

You're rushing: either the day-care dropoff took longer than expected and you're late for work, or you've got a few last-minute errands to run before you have to pick up the kids from school. What would it take for you to pause your already busy day?

If you saw this young boy, starving and searching for food in a public trash bin, as you were about to cross the street, would you stop? Would you do something?

That's what these filmmakers set out to discover. After 35 minutes of filming, they gave 500 people a chance to see a hungry kid in need. Only a few people helped. In fact, the final tally showed that three groups — made up of seven people total — and three individuals stopped to ask if he was OK. That's just one in every 50 people. Not enough.

The moving video, which actually followed a child actor, was created for New Zealand's police recruitment program and titled "Do You Care Enough . . . to Be a Cop?" — but it's a lesson for all of us. No matter what we have going on, someone has it harder, and when that someone is an innocent child, it's our job to help.

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