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Video of Jessica Simpson's Son Jumping Into Pool With Cast

The Internet Is Freaking Out That Jessica Simpson Let Her Son Play in the Pool With a Broken Arm

Jessica Simpson is in hot water for posting what she probably thought was a playful Instagram post of her son at the swimming pool.

In the slow-motion clip, the singer's husband, Eric Johnson, is holding his 4-year-old son, Ace, who is wearing a cast after fracturing his arm a week earlier. He can then be seen throwing the boy high into the air so that he can do a full somersault before splashing feet-first into the water.

"As someone in healthcare, I'm gonna say that's not a good idea."

"A broken bone doesn't hold this kiddo down," Simpson, who can be heard snickering at the end of the video, wrote in the caption.

She also noted that his neon green cast was waterproof, possibly to ward off comments that he shouldn't get it wet.

But even that didn't stop people from voicing their concerned opinions about the stunt, which has gotten more than 500,000 views.

"As someone in healthcare, I'm gonna say that's not a good idea," one person wrote. Another stated: "That is the most ridiculous thing to be doing! I'm sure you all are great parents, but my daughter broke her arm and she was told to not swim or doing anything strenuous."

Others noted that the NFL player dad's roughhousing wouldn't be so bad if their son was uninjured: "He's throwing his child like he's throwing a ball or an object. It wouldn't be so bad if his arm wasn't already broken. I see why people are concerned, it's dumb."

Still others came to Jessica's defense.

"You realize he is being flipped into water, right? They are not flipping him on concrete," wrote one. And to prove that there's even a debate among the medical community on social media, another added: "As a healthcare worker who works for an orthopedics office, let your haters hate. There is nothing wrong with this."

As usual, the internet is divided, but it's worth noting that Ace's situation isn't universal — just as some commenters were wowed by the fact that waterproof casts even exist ("twenty years ago, I had to have a shower with a garbage bag on over my cast!"), they might not be aware of the latest orthopedic recommendations, and they certainly don't have details on the severity of Ace's injury or what activities his doctors have prohibited while cast-bound.

In the end, worried parents should remember to consult their pediatricians with any pool safety questions and to refrain from mom-shaming as much as humanly possible.

Image Source: Getty / Patricia Schlein/Star Max
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