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Video of Kid Who Shaved Off Siblings' Hair on Jimmy Kimmel

This Kid Got Ahold of Hair Clippers With His 2 Younger Siblings Nearby, and Oh My Sweet Jesus

Jesus take the wheel. Stephanie Plunknette, a mom from San Antonio, had an extremely calm — in the grand scheme of things — reaction to her oldest son getting ahold of a pair of clippers and subsequently buzzing his and his younger siblings' hair off. Teddy, who found the clippers outside, where Stephanie left them after giving their dog a hair cut, thought it might be fun to offer his sister a buzz cut ("She said she wanted me to do this a lot!") while mom was in the shower getting ready for her night shift at work. Stephanie then walked into the kitchen to what can only be described as a scene out of a horror movie.

"Guys, this is in real time," Stephanie said on a now-viral Instagram Story video. "I'm crying because Teddy found the buzz cutter. Eloise, turn around — oh my god, oh my god." As you can imagine, what she saw when Eloise turned around was NOT good. Oh, and Teddy also got his baby brother, Fred, with the clippers. Kids are blessings.

At least he didn't do their eyebrows?

Watch the full real-time reaction video above, and see the Plucknettes get interviewed on Jimmy Kimmel Live! ahead.

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