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Video of Mom Rocking an Empty Bouncer While Holding Her Baby

This Mom Rocked an Empty Bouncer While Holding Her Baby, and We've Never Related to Anything More

Guys My baby momma finally lost her mind #sendhelp Instagram: @aaristy_ @Floridavisual Youtube vlog :

Posted by Alan Rodriguez on Thursday, April 12, 2018

Even nonparents know that new parenthood comes with inevitable sleep deprivation, which can make for some seriously funny mishaps throughout the day. That's why Alan Rodriguez's hilarious video of his girlfriend holding their baby while rocking an empty bouncer on the floor is going so viral — every parent can relate to that level of extreme exhaustion.

In the video, Alligsa Aristy was doing what any mom would: soothing her baby by rocking her. But her and her boyfriend's daughter wasn't in her bouncer that was being rocked; she was on her mom's lap, intently watching the TV. "What are you doing?" Alan asks Alligsa, as he motions to the empty Minnie Mouse bouncer at her side. "You've lost your mind. Why are you moving that?"

Hilarity ensues when she realizes what she's been doing in the fog of new motherhood, but the truly hilarious part comes when Alan asks her, "Do you need a break?" She raises her eyebrows immediately, and with a smile on her face says, "Yeah, I do." Hint, hint, dad!

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