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Viola Davis Explaining Menopause on Jimmy Kimmel Live Video

Viola Davis Just Explained Menopause to Jimmy Kimmel, and Men, You Should Grab a Pen and Paper

Everyone has those questions they don't really know the answers to but they're a little embarrassed to ask, right? Well, Jimmy Kimmel tasked Viola Davis with answering his questions about menopause, and we have a feeling he'll be sticking to Google from now on. On Wednesday night, the How to Get Away With Murder actress and producer sat down on Jimmy Kimmel Live to discuss her show, a funny wig story, and unexpectedly, the female body, which Jimmy said he "knows almost nothing about."

"When you talk about anything, especially dealing with menopause or breasts, men just die a slow death," Viola said, and after one look at Jimmy, we saw *that* death she was referring to. The host then asked her what menopause is, and the rest was history. "You know what, menopause is hell, Jimmy. Menopause is a dark hole. And that's where I'm at right now. I either will love my husband today or kill him today." Watch the video above, and see Viola explain the female anatomy to Jimmy starting around the 1:45 mark.

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