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Walmart Ode to Motherhood Commercial

Walmart’s New Commercial About the Insanity of Motherhood Is 100% Accurate

In the age of Instagrams and 140 character-or-less tweets, the idea of spending more than 60 seconds watching a viral video on the internet is akin to binge-watching an entire Netflix series on your couch. So, when I saw that Walmart released a commercial that was a whopping three minutes long (remember, most ads are 15 to 30 seconds, tops), I was ready to click on by to something a bit more digestible.

But, then I saw that they titled it "Ode to Motherhood," and I decided to give it a shot.

I'm glad I did. This ad, more like a short film, is the ultimate so-funny-it-hurts rendition of parenthood — from the days of puréeing baby food to the moment you realize your kid has 7,493 pairs of shoes that you don't remember ever even buying.

The pacing of the video, which follows around a mom named Stacy, is quite like the chaotic pacing of life — calm and still, then frenetic and overwhelming until, poof, you had one too many glasses of wine with your husband and got pregnant again.

It ends like a typical, more predictable Walmart commercial, with a mom running through the aisles, collecting a cartful of merchandise to create a Pinterest-level kid's birthday party without going broke in the process. Which, let's be honest, is also a pretty realistic take on motherhood, right?

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