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Ways to Get Your Partner to Set Up Date Night

7 Ways to Get Your Partner to Be the Family Planner

Are you tired of setting up date night again? I thought so! It seems like mothers are not only the goddess of the home but also the social directors of the marriage. We make the plans, we pick the places, and we set the dates. Honestly? We're pretty darn good at it and probably shouldn't consider retiring for a very long . . . OK, for forever. That said, it still would be nice if our partners would step up to the plate and make a date night happen before we are 90 and wearing diapers, again. Here are seven easy ways to get your partner to set up date night once and for all!

1. The Mental-Institution Reference

This is when you mention how women who have not been loved or romanced in a long time tend to go crazy, and by crazy, you mean clinically insane. You may want to drop a "story" or two about wives who were left neglected to mentally rot into a state of schizophrenia. The sad ending? The husband got stuck taking care of the house and kids . . . forever.

The only known cure, you say, would have been for that wife to have been romanced by her husband. It's sad, though, that it's too late, sniff. Of course, there's still hope for you.

2. The Sex Reference

You should mention how a nice meal, drinks, dancing, or whatever date night you're looking to score always makes you very horny. Somehow when you eat good Mexican food, you start to feel sexually generous, but when you end up every night at home sitting in front of your computer and television, you start to feel sexually lethargic. You could even send sexy photos to him with text like "This is what a woman with a good meal looks like" or "I always wear these panties when out on a date night." I know, not very subtle, but ladies, men need instructions. Try to do him a solid and give him a decent road map to work with.

3. The Kids Are Weird

You tell your partner that the kids have been seeing too much of you both and that you notice them picking up on your bad habits. In fact, your son has already started biting his nails like you do, and your daughter likes to pop her joints at an annoying pace. You claim this is due to too much time with their parents. Wouldn't you like them to have some time with other people? You know, simply for the positive influence of a grandparent or babysitter? Going on a date night, well . . . it's for the kids' sake, truly.

4. Stroke His Ego

Tell him how he's a much better husband than all of your friends' husbands and explain why, even if you have to really exaggerate. Mention how he's better at folding laundry or grilling than your best friend's hubby. Point out how amazing he is at work and say that he really could use some time to celebrate all of his awesomeness and note that it would be better for his sanity if he didn't celebrate alone.

Hopefully, he'll choose you to go out with.

5. Grandma Is Lonely

This may be the time that you announce how Grandma has been very lonely these days and looking for some good company. Don't you notice how happy Grandma is when she sees the kids? Hmm, honey, I notice.

6. Creative Genius

You've seen lately how your guy friend at work has really pulled out all the stops for his wife: romantic weekends away, date nights, and flowers. You don't guilt your husband for him being a total slacker in the "Don Juan" department, but you tell him about your co-worker and say how all of his romantic endeavors seem to be putting more creative juices into his work. Do you think it's all the sex he's having, you note? Or perhaps it's the risks he's taking to surprise his wife that this "creativity" then spills into his career?

Maybe your mention might give him some inspiration of his own.

7. Be Direct

If you want a date night, tell him straight up. Guys are pretty terrible at taking hints, which is why almost all of these strategies involve a heavy dose of hinting. Tell him you don't care where you two go, but that you'd like him to make the effort (instead of it being you) to spend time with you. Promise to not complain about where he takes you (and stick to that promise), unless it's a strip club, and enjoy whatever his efforts produce, even if it's not the dream night you imagined. Like you tell your children: "It's the thought that counts!"

Happy date night!

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