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Ways to Make Bedtime Fun

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Bedtime doesn't need to be a stressful end to your child's day. That's why we partnered with Philips Sonicare for this post.

The never-ending list of must dos is long when you have little ones. Wake up, make beds, get dressed, pack lunches, get to school on time . . . trying to get it all done is exhausting! By the end of the day, you just want it to be over, which can turn bedtime into a whining mess — and not just from the kiddies. Remix your routine with six simplified suggestions that make getting ready for bed fun.

  1. Plan it out together: Kids love feeling like they're in charge, so invite her to help decide what should be included in her bedtime routine. Discuss what she likes along with what's not working for her. Obviously, she can't eliminate brushing her teeth, but if being in charge of picking out and putting on her own pajamas isn't exciting, you can take that over.
  2. Start earlier: Pick a time to start getting ready for bed and then subtract an extra 10 minutes, which gets things moving a little earlier. Cut back on screen time one hour before bed, allowing her budding brain to wind down. Prep by playing a quick game together, like Old Maid, or even a few challenging rounds of tic-tac-toe, which starts the routine with a smile.
  3. Host an interactive story time: Instead of always being the one to read bedtime stories, have a special guest take over reading once a week thanks to Skyping with Grandma or Uncle Brad. It's an exciting spin on story time, plus it gives your child a chance to interact with someone different. Schedule a 10-minute slot and continue weekly. On the other days, preselect a book so there's no frustrations over reading material.
  4. Make it fun: The best way to ensure your kids are getting their teeth as clean and sparkling as possible is to have them properly brush for two minutes. You can set the timer on your watch or use an interactive app for a bit of brushing fun. Check out this coaching app from Philips Sonicare For Kids with your child that turns brush time into a fun and interactive game.
  5. Start a goodnight journal: Before tucking your child in for the night, cuddle together with a goodnight journal. For prewriters, encourage your child to do a quick drawing of something they loved about the day or help your child write it out. It's a short activity that helps end the day and also gives you both a chance to talk through any challenges, which calms her mind.
  6. Stick with it: Now it's time to select the right lovies or blankets for sleep success. Dim the lights, say your goodnights, and repeat tomorrow. Kids are sticklers for routine, so when there's never a question of what happens when, everyone wins.

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Watch the above video to learn how kids can have fun brushing their teeth!

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