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Wedding Ring Heirlooms From Divorced Parents

This Mom's Diamond Keepsake Is a Beautiful Way to Pass Down a Ring From a "Failed" Marriage

Family heirlooms are truly priceless, but if the family has fractured because of divorce, passing down engagement rings and wedding bands can be fraught with pain, awkwardness, and anger. But one daughter is sharing how it can also be a beautiful sentiment.

Devin Petit tweeted a photo of her new necklace, which served as a reminder that good things can come from broken relationships. "My mom gave me this necklace this morning as an early birthday gift," she wrote. "It's made from the diamonds of her wedding band. She said although her marriage to my dad didn't work out, they both agreed I was the best thing to come from it, which is why she wanted me to have it."

The post quickly went viral, with other children of divorce sharing how it touched them and why it's a tradition other divorced parents should strongly consider.

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