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The Weirdest Things Kids Have Gotten While Trick-or-Treating

27 Moms Confess the Weirdest (and Most Hilarious!) Things People Gave Their Kids For Halloween

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It's a always a mixed bag — literally — when your kids dump out their trick-or-treating loot after a night of scavenging for goodies on Halloween. But no matter where you live, there's always one neighbor who opts out of the traditional candy and passes out a more "eccentric" treat — and let's just say, some of these choices are a lot weirder than others. These moms shared the most unusual items that they've encountered on the trick-or-treating trail, and we're shocked they ever ended up in a child's bag of candy!

  1. "I got a rock." — Jill
  2. "There's a guy who works for the Walt Disney Company and has hundreds of Disney movies, so he used to give out Disney movies to each trick or treater. He had an entire room in his house that was full of shelves with different movies and you just walked in and picked one!" — Tasha
  3. "I got ketchup packets once as a kid." — Alanna
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  5. "There's a lady in our neighborhood that gives out tiny stuffed animals to small kids and CASH to older kids!" — Nikki
  6. "Candy canes....from the previous Christmas." — Amber
  7. "Dishwasher detergent pods." — Katie
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  9. "A can of soda." — Sarah
  10. "I got a taco once. I guess they must have went to Taco Bell and when I said 'Trick or treat," they asked 'Taco or candy?' I said 'Taco!'" — Ashley
  11. "Cheese, regular sliced cheese...Yep." — Denise
  12. "Last year, a lady was trying to give the kids kittens." — Jamie
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  14. "The owner of the local dairy always gave out your choice of chocolate milk or an orange juice carton. We always made sure to hit his house!" — Amber
  15. "A small loaf of bread and then a few houses down a little salami. It had to be planned!" — Christina
  16. "A lighter!" — Miranda
  17. "Dehydrated army food!!" — Nicole
  18. " An expired box of girl scout cookies...that were three years old." — Rebecca
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  20. "Pamphlets and pencils for a presidential candidate." — Tanya
  21. "My kids received dog biscuits last year" — Kelly
  22. "This lady every year gave out a penny to every trick or treater." — Catherine
  23. "Someone had Jell-O shots for the adults coming to the door. We declined because we didn't feel comfortable taking drinks from someone we didn't know but we appreciated the offer!" — Adriana
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  25. "A giant pickle." — Jillian
  26. "My kids got business cards in their bag last year. This year, we're going to a different neighborhood." — Jessica
  27. "One year my son got ONE individually wrapped Jelly Belly Jelly bean." — Elisha
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  29. "My daughter got a tampon last year!" — Shelli
  30. "Beef bouillons." — Melissa
  31. "Last year my 7 year old got a box of condoms. It was an interesting talk...." — Tia
  32. "A raw hotdog?" — Merry
  33. "Religion stuff." — Kayla
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