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What Can Older People Teach Us About Relationships?

1 Thing POPSUGAR Editors Never Expected to Learn About Love From Their Grandparents

Grandparents make the world a more loving place, so we've partnered with Disney/Pixar to celebrate them. Catch the Digital release of COCO to watch the sweet bond between Miguel and his grandmother, Abuelita — then call your grandparents.

Grandparents help shape who we are, from our personalities and passions to our skills and our sense of place in the world. Above all, they teach us what love looks like and what it takes. To celebrate Valentine's Day, and the heartwarming bond between Miguel and Abuelita in Disney/Pixar's COCO, we asked POPSUGAR editors to share the most valuable, inspirational, and unexpected things they learned about love from their grandparents. We have all the feels.

It's About More Than Words

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"Their love was truly one-of-a-kind."

"I will never forget the sound of my grandmother crying at my grandfather's funeral. I remember being 10 and thinking to myself, 'That is what true love sounds like.' They were always bickering and fighting like the truly hot-blooded Italians they were, but their love was truly one-of-a-kind. It taught me that no matter what is going on in the moment, you should always appreciate the time that you have together, and never take it for granted, as it's finite." — Amanda Murray

It's Flexible

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"They always supported each other in their endeavors."

"My grandparents led what could be considered a beautifully unconventional life together. After they were married, my grandfather joined the US Air Force and was stationed in far-flung locations across the globe, from Venezuela to his favorite destination, California. Meanwhile, my grandmother was a burgeoning artist who nurtured a budding talent in watercolor painting, eventually gaining local fame for landscape artwork that she regularly presented at galleries. Despite the challenges presented by their differing careers and their globetrotting lifestyle, they always supported each other in their endeavors. As a result, I've always felt confident that I could accomplish anything in my career with the support of my significant other — even though we happen to be in completely opposite industries." — Tyler Atwood

It Can Survive Anything

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"It's real and resilient and 100 percent worth it."

"When I say my grandparents' love story could be made into a movie, it's not even an exaggeration. They grew up as neighbors, hit it off as teens, and got married when my grandma was 16(!) and my grandpa was 21. They faced the financial struggles of a young couple at the tail end of the Great Depression and dealt with my grandpa's severe post-World War II PTSD for decades. Over 70 years and an incredible lifetime of memories later, they're still going strong. At 22, my own great love story isn't necessarily with a person, but a place: New York City. To endless doubts and disapprovals, I followed my heart and career dreams all the way here, unwaveringly confident it would all work out. And it did. It's a bit cliche, but if there's anything my grandparents have taught me about love, it's that it's real and resilient — and 100 percent worth it." — Carrie Carrollo

It Can Be a Fairy Tale

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"Their schedules never prevented them from sharing a lifetime of experiences until the very end."

"It sounds like a lie, but every story about my grandparents' union reveals the magic humor, romance, and unbreakable bond they shared. My grandpa worked extremely long hours as a chemist owning and running his own pharmacy, while my grandma, a concert pianist who played Carnegie Hall, became a stay-at-home mom. But their schedules never prevented them from sharing a lifetime of experiences until the very end, traveling to places like Hawaii and Morocco in their 70s and 80s and costarring in musical productions at their local senior center. When my grandma passed, we'd often hear my grandpa randomly call out her name 'Sylvia.' But it never made us sad because it was really just a reminder that their love was as strong as ever. Being that kind of partner for someone feels like a lofty goal, but it's one I set for myself before I even knew what true love was." — Joanna Douglas

It Never Forgets

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"He showed up at the door, totally unannounced, and they resumed their lives as if not a day had passed."

"It's hard for me to imagine the terror my grandparents must have felt when my grandpa walked out the door for his World War II service, leaving my gran with five young children and no guarantee that they'd ever see each other again. It was the first time they'd been apart since their teens, yet they adjusted to that, and to my grandpa's return four years later. He showed up totally unannounced, and they resumed their lives as if not a day had passed. They went on to have two more children and to babysit an ever-growing band of grandkids. My grandpa died in 1991, and my gran was never quite the same, but she always loved to talk and laugh about him, and she would point to a pic of him in his Navy uniform and say, 'He was as handsome as a film star.' She taught me a lot about navigating loss, and enjoying the memories of those you miss." — Lynne Lavelle

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