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What Does Jennifer Garner Keep in Her Bag?

Watching Jennifer Garner Unpack Her Messy Bag Will Make Every Mom Laugh Hysterically

If your purse feels like a bottomless pit of random sh*t, allow Jennifer Garner to give you a major dose of relatable humor. The mom of three recently shared a video about what's in her bag on Instagram, and she revealed all the items that are taking up space in her big purse. First, a date book — practical! "I always have a date book," Jennifer said. Then, a roll of heart stickers . . . and another . . . and, yep, another one.

There's a package for pens, tons of actual pens, a dollar bill, a honey dipper, index cards, Earl Grey tea, a "book to write things in," and a geode — as in, a purple geode. All Jennifer had to say about that was, "Why, though?" Jennifer joked that people ask her, "'Are you color coding? Are you really organized?'" "No, I'm not," she said, laughing. We're cracking up and feeling very understood at the same time. Get a kick out of the full reveal above.

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