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What Kind of Drink Parents Should Have on Halloween Night

The Drinks That Best Complement Each Stage of Halloween Night With Kids

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Halloween with kids is fun, sure. But Oct. 31 also has the potential to stress you the heck out. Whether you're worried about the argument you're going to have with your child over how to stay warm in their costume or are dreading the sugar high that is sure to cause your house to look and feel like a natural disaster by the end of the night, chances are you need a drink.

Read through for the drinks that pair best with the stages of Halloween night with kids.

1. Getting their costumes on.

Type of drink you need: A quick shot of tequila, because let's be honest, you won't have time to leisurely sip anything in between getting your toddler's flailing arms into a foamy superhero costume and painting zombie makeup on your tween.

2. Trying to take a photo of everyone dressed up.

Type of drink you need: A glass of Sauvignon Blanc with a cheeky ice cube or two, because it's as dry as the comments you will receive from your sarcastic children who want nothing to do with your camera and everything to do with the full-size Snickers bars that are rumored to be at the Murphy's house down the street.


3. Urging your child to wear a jacket over their costume.

Type of drink you need: Anything with Fireball in it — the cinnamon in the whiskey will pair with the fiery sass coming out of your child's mouth extraordinarily well, and keep you calm (maybe).

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4. Trick-or-treating, beginning of the night.

Type of drink you need: A margarita on the rocks with the works — salted rim, paper umbrella, crazy straw — because this is the easy part. You'll totally be able to sip the sweet cocktail out of the loopy straw in between ordering your child to stay on the sidewalk, say please and thank you, and only take one piece of candy per house.

5. Trick-or-treating, end of the night.

Type of drink you need: A Redbull (with or without a shot of vodka), because you are going to be wiped. Your voice will be hoarse from a combination of yelling at your kids, screaming in fear at surprise animatronic decorations, and the sugar from the margarita mix you consumed what feels like days ago.

6. Fending off your children as you check their candy.

Type of drink you need: A basic, ice-cold beer is the only remedy for this situation. You'll be feeling like a mix of a caveperson as you bark unintelligible words at your antsy, sugar-hungry children and a CSI investigator as you check incessantly for torn wrappers and loose candies — a frothy cold one will be a needed refreshment.

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7. Getting caught sneaking a Twix from their bucket.

Type of drink you need: A glass of sangria, because it's the only sweet thing you'll get a taste of now that your child has issued a serious warning against consuming their candy.

8. Cleaning up one or more child's barf after they've run around with a belly full of candy.

Type of drink you need: Boxed wine, any type, because you need not spend money on a glass bottle of fancy wine when things are this bleak.

9. Initiating bedtime after sugar highs.

Type of drink you need: An ice-cold glass of water to A) shock your system into feeling revitalized and able to handle the tantrums that are likely unfolding in front of you, or B) to throw at your children when you give up and decide to take your chances digging back into their candy loot. (Pro tip: Riesling pairs wonderfully with stolen candy.)

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