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What It's Like When Moms Leave Voicemails

This Video Pokes Fun at the Way Parents Leave Voicemails, and OMG, This Is My Mom

Parents and technology are always an interesting mix, but there's just something really special and notable about the way a mom leaves her child — especially her grown-ass adult child — a voicemail. It starts with a personal introduction, as if there isn't caller ID these days, tells a story somewhere in the middle (which inevitably falls off as new thoughts come into her head), includes plenty of rambling, and ends with some kind of threat to either call back or do something she's asked within her message.

Alli Brown, a comedian with a mom who has a penchant for leaving lengthy voicemails, decided to channel her mother — both in spirit and in wardrobe — in a series of videos called "Hi, Hon, It's Me, Mom." Alli told POPSUGAR: "It's about a loving, overprotective mother leaving her adult child long winded and very random voicemails. More specifically, it's about my loving, overprotective mom leaving me long winded and very random voicemails."

Check out our favorite video above — in which Mom leaves a message for her son after finding his "old" hockey jerseys, which leave her with emotional memories, but, as clutter, are also driving her nuts (she "doesn't want to look at them anymore!") — but don't miss the rest of the series on Alli's YouTube channel or any of her hilarious posts on Instagram.

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