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What Moms Want After Infertility

The Surprising Things 1 Mom Wants After Kicking Infertility's Ass

After battling infertility and welcoming twins, there are certain things that Brianne Kendrick craves that not everybody can understand.

Brianne wants to hear her babies cry, and at 3 a.m., it's still a wake-up call that makes her smile. "It's a sound I thought I would never be blessed to hear," she wrote on Facebook. "I want to drag my sleep deprived butt into that room and love the smell of their sweet cuddles, because although I beat infertility so many women enter this day still fighting to hear that sound."

Brianne loves watching her babies play "in all of their tornado mess making madness" and is always happy to intervene when they fight over the same toy, although there are two of them in the room. She also appreciates it each time she's able to wonder what she could've possibly fed her babies to make such an awful smell — because it's a diaper she never thought she'd be able to change.

Instead of sipping a cup of hot coffee, Brianne wants to taste ice-cold coffee three hours after she poured it because the morning got away from her — and was filled with feeding, playing, laughing, and snuggling.

"I want to go to lunch where inevitably one of them will scream because someone is upset they can't play with the knife," she wrote. "I want to look around and smile at the old couple secretly thinking my kids should be better behaved. Because I never thought our family would have four of us at a table together and the tantrum is something I only ever dreamed could happen."

Brianne finds pleasure in her never-ending pile of laundry and wondering how such tiny humans create such a big mess. "But I smile while I fold that worn, once stained onesie and revel in how none of these tiny socks have a match, I swear I bought them in pairs," she wrote.

She also wants to only eat in secrecy while hoping that her babies don't see so that she can finish without having to share. "They always see me, I always share. But that's OK. I never thought they would be here to share," she wrote.

But most of all, Brianne wants to say, "Screw you!" to infertility and encourage everyone else to keep fighting. "For those who have lost their battle, know I don't take one day with these sweet beings for granted. I know you deserve to have this beautiful disaster we call being parents. Know I think of you every day and wish so badly I could help you win that fight," she wrote. "And mommas, hug your tiny humans and think about how truly blessed you really are to have them, even on their worst day. Because one in eight beautiful women out there would go to the ends of the earth to have that hug."

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