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What to Put in Christmas Tree Water

7 Things That Could Help Your Christmas Tree Live Longer

When it comes to keeping your Christmas tree looking great all holiday season, the subject of additives in the water is a little bit controversial. While some people swear by the power of lemon juice, aspirin, and vodka for keeping their trees looking healthy and full of needles, others aren't quite as convinced. But if you've struggled year after year with what to do with your Christmas tree to help to extend its life and enjoy it for many weeks, additives are worth a shot! Keep reading for some of the most common things you can put in your Christmas tree's water that are said to have positive effects on the appearance and longevity of a tree.


If you have some lemonade in your fridge, know it's a great source of nutrients for your tree. Lemonade contains water, lemon juice, and sugar, which are all helpful to keep your Christmas tree healthy. The glucose in sugar helps to maintain cell structure, which in turn prevents needle loss. Carbonated lemonade or regular lemonade will work, or you can create your own by combining water, lemon juice, and sugar, of course.


Vodka is likely not the first thing you'd consider to keep your tree hydrated, but some people swear by the effectiveness of adding a splash of the sip to your tree water every other day. The alcohol in vodka helps to keep your tree's water clear of bacteria, so add just a capful of it to your tree's stand to reap the benefits.



Similarly, chemical disinfectants can also help keep bacteria away from your Christmas tree. To give it even more of a fresh, piney scent, try a disinfectant like Pine-Sol. The antibacterial properties will kill germs that could harm the tree. If you don't have Pine-Sol handy, you can use other disinfectants, like an antibacterial mouthwash.


If you want to ensure that your tree is getting all of the water it needs, try mixing in a capsule of aspirin. Aspirin is said to allow for better flow of water into the trunk, so your tree can soak up all of the liquid it needs. It's also apparently great for boosting the tree's immune system, which can be compromised after you've cut it down, and can help to stave off bacteria that may develop in the stagnant water.

Copper Penny

Did you know that copper can act as a disinfectant, too? Try adding a copper penny to your tree's water. You can use it on its own in the water, or add it to other mixtures like lemonade for an extra boost of antimicrobial properties.

Try a Combination

If you want the best of all worlds, try a mix of additives to get as many benefits at once. Your tree will thrive from a combination of water, bleach, corn syrup, and lemon juice — an easy DIY concoction that could give your tree all of the nutrients it needs.

Lots of Water

This might seem obvious, but above all else, the number-one thing your tree needs is water — lots of it. Keeping your tree well hydrated and keeping the water fresh is the best way to ensure that it'll last for the full Christmas season. Make sure you're checking your tree's water levels regularly and maintaining it at about two inches up the trunk. Keep your tree away from heat so that it can keep as hydrated as possible.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Blake Smith
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