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Which Pregnant Friends Character Are You Most Like?

Which Pregnant Character From Friends Are You?

The characters from Friends taught us so much about every aspect of "adult" life back in the '90s, especially in regard to pregnancy. Though there were only four pregnancies throughout the ten seasons — Phoebe, Rachel, Carol, and Erica (Chandler and Monica's surrogate) — each woman had experiences that helped teach us what it's like to be awaiting labor and parenthood (or in Phoebe's case, labor and aunthood).

Whether you're pregnant now, have been in the past, or think you know how your first pregnancy is going to go in the future, you'll likely identify with one of these women. Take our quiz to find out if you're a Phoebe, Rachel, Carol, or Erica!

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What are you craving?

What are you averse to?

Have you thought about a name?

My partner and I can't agree!
We're naming the baby after a family member.
I'm winging it (or stealing a friend's name).

How many babies are you having?

Relationship Status?

It's complicated

What do you miss the most about pre-pregnancy?

What are you most nervous about?

How to coparent
My non-mom friends doing fun things without me
How to use all of the baby gear

What was your reaction to your first sonogram?

There's more than one baby?!
It was very emotional!
How do you see anything on those things?

What are you doing before for the baby arrives?

Do you want to know the sex of the baby?

I want to know, but my partner doesn't (or vice versa)
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