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Why Weekends Are So Hard For Parents

This Dad's Hilarious Analogy Goes Out to Every Parent Still Recovering From the Weekend

It's Monday afternoon, and if you are currently sitting in front of a computer, rubbing your temples, so exhausted that if you blinked for too long you'd fall right into a REM cycle, you either had the most epic, nonstop-partying weekend, or you're a parent.

These days, working moms and dads are trying so hard to fill every second of their Saturday and Sunday with their kids, and Simon Hooper has the perfect analogy for it.

"This weekend was like trying to fit the weekly shop into a single carrier bag that had the structural integrity of a biscuit that had been dunked one too many times," he wrote on Instagram. "Cram too much in and it breaks, spilling it's guts all over the pavement to onlookers to stare and mutter 'glad that wasn't me' while you silent sob into a snotty rag you found in your pocket that that kids took a particularly large blown into earlier."


If your household is anything like this London dad's, your once-relaxing weekly reprieve from work turns into a part-time job with a manic pace: "sport clubs, sleepovers, the zoo, walks in the park, never-ending goes on the swings, trips to five different shops to find slime ingredients, slime-making, loft sorting, cleaning, planning parties, cooking . . . " he wrote. "The list goes on."

Hooper, who has four daughters, two of whom are toddler-age twins, and his wife felt "broken" (he joked he "developed an eye twitch so bad that women think I'm coming on to them through winking") after this past weekend and have vowed to try to treat the next one as the break it's intended to be.

"Parenting is hard work, but we are own worst enemies sometimes when we try to do too much," he wrote. "We should give ourselves a break sometimes and remind ourselves we're doing the best we can."

So if you aren't already nodding off at your desk, let this be a lesson to you.

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