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Why It's Weird For Moms to Be Best Friends With Their Kids

Mom's Viral Video Says It's Weird For Parents to Be Best Friends With Their Kids — and We Kind of Agree

If you're one of those parents who believe your kid is your best friend, you're not going to like what this mom has to say about it.

Over a pint of ice cream (and chocolate chips . . . and wine), mom-of-three Kristina Kuzmic explains in a YouTube video that all of her kids are mad at her right now and she doesn't care. In her words, here's why:

"My job as their parent is to love them. Loving them is not me making sure they're always happy and get every single little thing they want. Loving them is raising them into healthy, decent human beings who I would actually want to hang out with some day.

My child's well-being is more important than me than my child's opinion of me.

Honestly, if my kids like me 100 percent of the time, I'm probably failing at parenting.

I hear some of you parents say, 'Oh, my little kid is my best friend.' That sounds really cute and all, but let's just be honest. If you're like, 30- or 40-something, and your best friend is an 8-year-old, that's just weird."

It's tough love to be sure, but she does have a point, and it seems — based on how her video is going viral — plenty of parents agree with her.

Kuzmic's advice? Hold your ground and wait to be their besties until they're adults — the upstanding adults you raised them to be. Until then, hunker down with whatever ice cream is on sale right now.

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