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Why You Deserve a Kids-Free New Year's Eve

Why You and Your Partner Deserve a Kids-Free New Year's Eve


Most of the holidays are family-based no matter what you religion you are, and Thanksgiving is the ultimate family holiday of all. But there is one holiday that screams party: New Year's Eve! Of course, kicking off the New Year with your children is incredibly sweet and sentimental as they matter so much to you, but when was the last time you and your husband or partner stepped out to celebrate in style, alone?

Probably not in ages and for some of you, maybe even a decade! Yet all December long, moms and dads spend money and time putting together the perfect holidays for their children, so why shouldn't a couple choose to do something nice for each other by taking the night off from parenting to spend quality time letting loose with each other?

When Was the Last Time?

If you can't remember the last time the two of you were out alone, it's time to do it now, and why not on one of the most festive nights of the year? It doesn't matter if the two of you go to a friend's or book a hotel for some romance: do something together and leave the kids at home.


But We Are Broke

As soon as you give birth, accept this reality: there will never be enough money. Ever!

Make the effort, whether it's going to a diner alone or watching the ball drop at home with Champagne while the kids stay at grandma's, to spend NYE kid-free. If you're smart, you can budget ahead of time and leave even a few extra bucks to spring for pizza or Chinese food so there's no cooking required and just blissful delivery right to your door. Many of us struggle with money at the holidays, but making some room and time for each other is good for your marriage which in turn is good for you, and your kids. Happy parents = happy kids.

We Hate Crowds

Do you hate crowds? Join the club. You don't have to hit the bars to celebrate New Year's Eve alone with your best mate. There are plenty of ways to ring in 2016 together like:

  • Game night with friends
  • Romantic and sexy night at a hotel — lingerie optional
  • Dinner at a quiet low-key restaurant
  • Date night in: send kids out and the two of you stay home together
  • Movies: Film buffs? The movies are still open and they're not rowdy.
  • Bed and breakfast: snuggle in at a quaint B & B

Who Will Watch My Kids?

Watching the kids is a whole other ball game. I'm sure your young babysitter will not want to come watch your kids on NYE unless it's a kid who is very responsible or saving for college. If you have a babysitter that you think would be swayed with extra pay, give a bit extra for your sitter to come out on New Year's Eve to watch your kids. It's worth it! Or:

-Ask grandparents. How many grandparents are boozing it up on NYE? I hope not too many.

-Switch with friends. Offer to babysit their kids next year on NYE if they will watch for you this year.

Any family member: any trusted family member will do.

Why on New Year's?

New Year's is festive and sentimental and a great time to let go of old worries and troubles. This is the perfect night to catch some alone time with your spouse, plus:

  • You might get to dress up in something pretty! When was the last time you did that?
  • There's Champagne involved: what mom doesn't love and desperately need some great bubbly?
  • Good spirits: perhaps your main squeeze might be willing to spend for something a little more special simply because 'tis the season and everyone is feeling a lot sweeter this time of year?

A night for just the two of you is a great way to kick off the New Year for you and your spouse. If you don't tend to care for your marriage simply because you're busy, tired, broke, or drained, your marriage will become strained. We live in busy, social media, distractible times and it's important we step away from everything to value what truly matters in our lives: the people we love and the person we started a family with.

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