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Why You Should Pierce Your Baby's Ears

12 Real Moms on Why They Happily Pierced Their Babies' Ears

In the parenting world, it often feels impossible to do anything right no matter what decision you make. However, one choice that parents seem quick to shame each other for is whether or not they pierce their baby's ears or wait until they are old enough to ask for earrings themselves.

Although this is a private decision for a parent, some moms and dads have a variety of reasons for making this call and aren't afraid to share them. Whether it's because they want to get it done before their little one is old enough to play with the earrings (and possibly infect the piercings) or for cultural reasons, these 12 moms opened up on why they opted to pierce their babies' ears.

  1. "She was 6 months old, and being a beautiful bald baby, I figured it would add to the girlie factor. She cried for 15 seconds and that was that. They healed beautifully because she was too little to mess with them." — Danielle W.
  2. "Both of my daughters' ears were pierced at 4 months old by their pediatrician. It's totally a parental personal choice, totally fine with or without, totally fine to NOT judge the next mom because 'You won't pierce your daughter's ears until she says she wants them!'" — Toya S.
  3. "All three girls were 6 weeks old at the time. It never bothered them when it was done, and I used European (Italian) style earrings, which closed from the back. They loved me then and they love me now!! No harm done." — Linda C.
  4. "Mine were done as an infant, and as I grew up I was thankful they were already done because I HATE needles . . . so I always said if I had a girl, I would do it." — Krystle B.
  5. "It is a cultural tradition (I'm from Colombia), and babies usually get their ears pierced the first or second month after they're born. I honestly think girls will always like to look pretty, and earrings make a big difference in someone's appearance." — Clara B.
  6. "I wish I'd done it as a baby as I feel the healing time would've been quicker. I waited until both mine were 4 years old and asked for it, but I regret it as both have had bad infections from continually playing with them after piercing." — Stephanie W.
  7. "I had my daughters ears pierced when she was 10 weeks old. She didn't even give a tiny gasp or anything. It healed nicely with no infection because she wasn't old enough to grab at them, which was a plus." — HollyJo F.
  8. "[I did it] at 4 months old at the pediatrician's office. I didn't really think about it — it's just what we do in our family (and culture)." — Sofia G.
  9. "At 8 weeks old, the jewelry was put on. Earrings, bracelet, and necklaces. By the time she realized it was on her, it was simply an extension of her wardrobe. It never became an issue. P.S. — it was done without fear and not a tear shed." — Amie B.
  10. "I have three daughters, did them all on the same day as their 2-month-old shots. They were already in zoneland from the Tylenol for the immunizations. The shots bothered them more than the piercings. To each his or her own." — Dani F.
  11. "[I did it] at 2 months old. When they are that little, their ears are thin, and it's faster and it hurts less. We numb them first, too, so she didn't even cry." — Lorena Z.
  12. "She was 12 weeks old. Honestly, it was a bit emotional because they are essentially changing your baby; brought tears to my eyes. She never played with them at such a young age so there wasn't an issue with infection and they healed beautifully." — Nicole L.
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