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Why You Should Throw a Co-Ed Baby Shower

I Threw a Co-Ed Baby Shower, And It was the Best Way to Celebrate My Little Family


It was the perfect sunny day. My mother's backyard was filled with pillows and blankets strewn around the lawn, shaded with big umbrellas — a very casual picnic vibe. There was a huge table of food (maybe the most exciting part to me, honestly) and, of course, a big chair for me to sit and open all the gifts. My husband and the other men who attended were all huddled on one side of the lawn playing corn-hole, and the ladies were on the other side choosing baby names and guessing the baby's sex. It was much like a middle school birthday party where the boys and girls don't really hang out, but are happy about having the company of one another. Jokes aside, including my husband and other men in my baby shower was a great experience. Here's why I loved having a co-ed shower:

  1. It was a welcome reunion.
    Many people in our life were having children of their own, moving, or busy with their jobs. It seemed that there just wasn't a good time to get everyone together, so this shower was a way to celebrate with all the people who were important to us. The men, women, and children who we value in our life and who would be part of our little one's life as well.
  2. It took a little pressure off of me.
    The shower seemed a little less like a "shower" when I decided to make it co-ed. To me, the thought of being put on the spot to open gifts and react in front of lots of lady friends, family members, and co-workers was nerve-wracking. This co-ed shower felt so much more relaxed. While I opened gifts, not all eyes were on me. Some people were chasing around their little ones, some were playing yard games, while others who were interested watched as I unwrapped onesies and rattles. But it was much more easy going then I anticipated. Phew!
  3. My husband felt included in all the love.
    We were celebrating our first baby together and it was so much fun to share all of the firsts as a couple and as new parents. Not including him in the celebrating the joy with our closest family and friends just didn't feel right. He may have not gasped at the adorable footie jammies that we got, but he was pretty excited about the boxes and boxes of diapers.
  4. Most of the greatest men in our baby's life joined us.
    Some of my best friends are men. So to me, it felt important to include all men and women who were going to be part of this journey. I'd thought of having a baby for so long, and now that it was going to happen, I wanted to share it with everyone who helped me along the way. Plus, some of the people who are the closest with our baby are men — it wouldn't have been the same to celebrate without them.

As the shower came to a close, all hands were on deck cleaning up the yard, packing the gifts into the car, and polishing off the copious amount of food and beverages we had. It was great to have a few extra minutes with my ladies while the guys helped my husband with the puzzle of getting diaper genies and bassinets into our tiny car. As the sun set and we said our goodbyes to our friends and family, I remember holding his hand driving away feeling totally complete.

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