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Woman Loses Engagement Ring Down NYC Subway Grate

Woman Loses Engagement Ring Down an NYC Subway Grate, and OMG, I'm So Stressed

It's something every engaged or jewelry-wearing human on earth dreads more than anything: losing it. And not just losing it, say, in the laundry, where you have some control over sorting through sheets to find it, but losing it in a f*cking filthy New York City subway grate, where you're likely never going to find the appropriate government agency who operates the grate to help you, let alone walk away without having first caught a disease from the rats that bit you while you were fishing around down there.

Which is exactly what happened to Kate Ray (minus the rats). She documented her tireless efforts in a now-viral Twitter thread that has not only caught the internet's attention but even actor Lin-Manuel Miranda's. Read through her epic series of threads — it's a journey, but totally worth every minute of suspense. And it perfectly captures the marathon that is marriage!

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