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Woman Sets Husband on Fire

Moms Sets Her Husband on Fire, but Wait Until You Hear Why

We may joke about wanting to kill or hurt our husbands, but one Washington woman actually did it. While her husband, Vincent Phillips, was sound asleep, Tatanysha Hedman doused him in gasoline and set him on fire. Phillips fled to a nearby convenience store where a clerk called 911. Police arrested Hedman, but when they took her into questioning they discovered something shocking. Hedman said Phillips had physically and sexually assaulted their daughter, and this was her way of getting justice. According to reports, Hedman said she set him on fire because, "shooting him was too nice." Detectives suggest Phillips, who is currently in the intensive care unit for severe burns, be charged with first-degree child molestation upon his release. Hedman is also facing charges for arson and assault, but we have a feeling the police may be a little more lenient on the protective mama.

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