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Woman Wears HomeGoods Tree Skirt as Cape

Woman Wears HomeGoods Tree Skirt as a Cape, and Holy Sh*t, That's a Good Idea

Tree Skirt Cape.... HomeGoods Marshalls

Posted by Bae Hart on Saturday, November 4, 2017

Home furnishing stores aren't often where we seek out the latest fashion trends, but a North Carolina woman named Bae Hart just found the most stylish accessory in the Christmas tree aisle at her local HomeGoods. Yep, that cape she's rocking? It's a damn tree skirt.

See, she spotted this furry number on a hanger (I mean, HomeGoods was just asking for it at that point, right?) in the holiday housewares section and decided to try it on. After realizing that the affordable fashion hack was a legitimately inspired discovery, she returned the next day and filmed a Facebook Live video so she could share it with the world.

"I mean, for real, I look like walking Christmas," she says. "The flow is amazing." At one point in the video, she recalls that when she asked a salesperson where the full-length mirrors were, the employee replied, "There are no mirrors over here because we don't try on furnishings."

Not anymore, HomeGoods. Not anymore.

The video — a full 24 minutes of America's Next Top Model-level posing — is worth a watch. She solicits other shoppers to get their opinions, explains how it just needs a "little tightening and a button," and notes that a tree doesn't "need to be this damn warm, y'all, it's already in the house." But if you want to just get to the good stuff, skip right to the 2:15 mark to see the tree skirt cape reveal.

And if you're looking for a chic way to top your holiday look, get yourself to HomeGoods now (and look for the $49 34th & Pine faux-fur line!). As Bae says, "it's a tree skirt, but who has to know?"

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