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Working Mom Morning Routine YouTube Parody Video

Every Working Mom Will Feel This Woman's Morning Struggles

Well-known YouTubers have taken to the platform to make videos about anything from date-night makeup looks to baby food challenges and even videos of their straight-up morning routines. While most of these morning ritual videos include statements like, "First I wake up and check my Twitter to see what went on overnight, then I still can't get out of bed so I watch some Netflix," one YouTuber, Sarah Penna, has decided to make a parody displaying the struggles of waking up without the luxury to do either of those things.

From statements like, "You may have noticed that I woke up with my hair and makeup already done — I do that at the 3 a.m. feeding," to "For breakfast I typically like to enjoy fresh-made pancakes and a healthy smoothie, but leftover baby yogurt will do just fine," Sarah totally nails the working mom version of the popular YouTube routine video.

To see the rest of Sarah's hilariously honest morning routine, watch the video.

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