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Is Your Child Ready For Kindergarten?

Is Your Child Ready For Kindergarten Based on This List?

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Every parent wants their child to succeed in school, but is one district setting the bar too high for what is expected of upcoming kindergartners?

One parent posted a letter, titled "Is Your Child Ready for Kindergarten?," from her child's school to Reddit, calling the laundry list of 11 items "unrealistic."

Although it's helpful to give families guidelines to focus on with their children so they can be better prepared for full-time school, this list as a whole is certainly overwhelming. In fact, many skills – writing their name, cutting with scissors correctly, and identifying shapes – are the types of abilities kids generally learn in kindergarten, not beforehand.

But perhaps what's most unnerving about this list is how many letters children are expected to identify. According to Hamilton County, kids need to know "30+ letters" . . . and last we checked, there were only 26 in the alphabet.

It looks like none of us is ready for kindergarten.

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