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Alex Lacamoire Music Featurette From Netflix's Vivo

Love the Music in Vivo? The Composer Gives a DIY Lesson in Dropping a Beat

If your kids watched Vivo, Netflix's latest animated children's movie, it's likely that — in addition to the adorable characters — the music is hard for them to forget. After all, one of the geniuses behind Hamilton, In the Heights, and Dear Evan Hansen was the film's executive music producer and score composer. Alex Lacamoire knows how to create an earworm, and in this exclusive new featurette, he is showing the musical movie's biggest fans "how you can create your own beats using stuff around your house."

From wooden spoons to assorted Tupperware containers to a tin can filled with trail mix (a DIY maraca!), Alex's quick and fun lesson in DIY music is perfect for all ages and brings the beloved songs from Vivo to life.

In the clip, he explains how he blended some of his favorite styles of Cuban music together — from salsa and reggaeton to montuno and modern — and brought them all together. He explains terms like rhythm and harmony in easy-to-understand ways and reminds kids the most important rule is, like the moral of the movie, to "dance to the beat of your own drum."

Follow along with the full featurette above and watch Vivo on Netflix.

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