Alex Rodriguez Just Displayed Some Questionable Dance Moves in His First-Ever TikTok Video

Alex Rodriguez is officially on TikTok! In his first-ever video on the platform we see the 44-year-old father of two break it down on the dance floor with his 15-year-old daughter Nastaha, aka Tashi (just a few days after he went wild supporting J Lo at the Super Bowl!). He captioned the clip, "This is my first TikTok!!!! My daughter, Tashi, told me this is the #renegade challenge. How'd I do?!?"

In case you were wondering, the Renegade Challenge is one of the latest viral trends that's been taking off on TikTok, where users perform a 15-second choreographed dance to K Camp's song "Lottery (Renegade)."

As someone who's known to have two left feet, I commend the former Yankee's efforts; but it appears that just because he's marrying J Lo doesn't mean that her rhythm is contagious. We can't wait to see what group dances ARod and his soon-to-be blended family comes up with next!