Prank Your Kids on April Fools' Day With These Hilarious Lunchbox Tricks

Pulling a prank on your own child is one of the greatest joys of parenting. But the truth is, parents are some of the busiest creatures on the planet, so finding time to create an elaborate prank is usually out of the question. That is why we have gathered some hilarious April Fools' Day lunchbox pranks from Instagram that require little-to-no preparation.

Whether you're looking to do something sweet and harmless or you're feeling a little more mischievous, there is a fun prank for you! Keep reading to get inspired.

A Kid-Friendly Lunch

We love how healthy this prank is! The french fries are actually baked apple slices, and the hotdog is a banana wrapped in a pink-colored pancake.

A Sneaky Lollipop

Everything here is exactly as it appears — a cheese sandwich, some fruit, pretzels, and a few veggies. That lollipop might seem a little out of place . . . until it's opened and revealed to be a cherry tomato!

A Fruity Surprise

We love just how many pranks you can fit into one lunch! Half of those orange slices have jello instead of fruit inside, the bag of fruit snacks is filled with corn, and the wrapped "chocolate" eggs are just more grapes!

Eye Spy a Delicious Lunch

Adding edible eyeballs is an easy way to amp up the silliness factor on a normal lunch — sure to make your little one giggle. (Psst . . . those tiny rocks are actually made of chocolate!)

Hidden Surprises

You'd think there's chicken nuggets in that bag — but it's actually a ham and cheese sandwich! Plus, there's a toy spider hidden under the wrap and an empty Kinder Egg with a note explaining the joke; all clever ways to surprise your kiddo.

An Out-of-the-Ordinary Lunch

You don't have to set your kid up for disappointment entirely: blue/green-colored "rotten" rice and a few plastic snakes are a fun way to make an April Fools' lunch special!

Chew on This

A couple of toy spiders, a plastic rat, and one big bite out of this kid's lunch are sure to be a surprise!

A Bad Apple

The googly eyes on the food is one thing, but do you see that worm working his way out of that apple? It's a fun way to prank your kids that they can't be too mad about — who doesn't love gummy worms?!

I Can't Hear You

If you really want to spook your kids, drop a gummy or plastic ear in their peach yogurt. Kids who love things that are a little icky will get a kick out of it.

A Buggy Snack

If you're short on time, simple can be just as effective: grab some plastic bugs, and toss them inside all the snack bags.

The Secretly Healthy Lunch

You've got to actually open these items to realize you're being pranked! The ramen is a cheese sandwich (with the cheese wrapper still on, of course), the Cheez-It container is full of apples, the thermos is packed with veggie straws, the M&M's container is holding carrots (don't worry, the egg has some M&M's to soften the blow), and that water bottle is full of sprite! Mixing up packaging is an easy way to deliver a lot of silly impact.

Minty-Fresh Oreos

It's been said that cleaning your house with kids is like brushing your teeth while eating Oreos. Here is a sweet (mostly harmless) payback for your school-age kids whom you've spent years cleaning up after.

A Real Stinkin' Cute Idea

This one looks so much like the real thing, it might be hard to stomach, even though you know it's just creatively shaped Nutella biscotti.

Nacho Average Lunch

For the kiddo who always gets a superhealthy lunch, these nachos would be a sweet surprise treat! Look closely and you will find colored frosting, colored coconut shreds, halved maraschino cherries, and diced black licorice on a bed of cinnamon pita chips.

Doughnut Be Too Disappointed

An April Fools' trick friendly enough for even the littlest one in your family, this prank will have your kids telling all their friends where doughnuts come from.

A Sweet Breakfast For Lunch

If you have a kid who loves bagels and lox, treat them to this slightly sugary version — a doughnut, slices of cantaloupe, and some cream cheese! Just be sure to include something a little less sugary so they can stay focused through the rest of the afternoon.