Why STEM Education Should Be a Key Part of Your Child's Summer Break

When that last class wraps up before summer break, it's tempting to let kids forget all about school for a few months. The end of school doesn't have to mean the end of learning, though — in fact, the summer is an ideal time to enrich your kids' education with some STEM classes. According to a survey commissioned by BYJU'S FutureSchool, a platform where kids are taught to code online, two in three parents are interested in signing their kids up for enrichment programs during the summer, but 57 percent of those parents admitted they aren't confident in their abilities to help their children stay on top of their schoolwork and hit those key milestones.

Not only will STEM education help keep your child's brain active over the summer, but it will also set them up for an even stronger return to school in the fall. Keep reading to discover just a few of the reasons STEM education is so beneficial to kids of all ages — and an easy way to get started this summer.

It Fosters Creativity

Art class isn't the only time for kids to get creative. In fact, creativity is a key component of many STEM activities like coding. Take BYJU'S FutureSchool, for example. These online coding classes teach kids technical skills like logic and algorithmic thinking through live, one-on-one instruction with a teacher. Once they understand the principles, students use those skills to create animations and apps of their own design, unlocking the joy of creating and problem-solving.

It Requires Problem-Solving Skills

Most STEM projects ask students to solve a problem or create a desired outcome. Whether your kids are working on science experiments, geometry proofs, or coding an app, they're thinking critically about what's working and what's not. Not only will those problem-solving skills help kids overcome their current challenge, but they'll also serve them well in future studies and even their future careers.

It Encourages Trial and Error

Lots of STEM education involves learning by doing, which helps kids try new things and experience failure in a safe way. Not everything will work perfectly on the first try, and that's OK. Trial and error helps kids feel good about making mistakes, which also builds resilience and makes them more adaptable.


It Complements Other School Subjects

Studies have shown that children who receive STEM education often perform better academically in their school careers overall. Plus, STEM programs beautifully complement the other subjects kids study in school. For instance, BYJU'S FutureSchool beginner-level coding classes for first graders build on the basic math principles students have already learned in school, like shapes and patterns. The individualized attention and guidance meets each child's needs, so they can move at their own pace. Encouraging your kids to work on STEM projects after school or during their summer breaks can help them connect the dots between different curriculums and get more excited about learning in general.

It Has Countless Real-World Applications

Though not every lesson we learn in school has a direct impact on real life, STEM absolutely does. STEM skills can not only be put to use in everyday tasks like baking brownies or building a bookshelf but also in many of the top careers. Take coding, for instance: it's crucial to not only software engineering and information technology but also artificial intelligence and even space travel.

It's Just Fun!

Most of all, these programs are engaging, exciting, and just dang fun for kids. They'll tap into their creative passions and engage in friendly competition and one-on-one learning — plus, they'll have some tangible takeaways like games and apps that they can be proud of. When it comes down to it, STEM programs look to make traditionally confusing and frustrating topics like math and science feel fun, imaginative, and joyful so kids can spend more time building confidence and creating awesome projects.

Watching your child discover the joy of learning something new is an incredible thing. Sign up for a free trial of one of BYJU'S FutureSchool live, one-on-one coding classes today to see how big of an impact STEM education can have on your family.