TikTok’s Dave "FitDad" Ogleton Takes Dad Jokes to a New Level With His “No Dummy” Series

Dad jokes are known for being corny and sigh-inducing, but not when Dave Ogleton is telling one. As a dad of six kids, Ogleton has no shortage of material for his hilarious "No Dummy" joke series on TikTok, under the handle @fitdadceo. His short videos always start with a recap of a question he asks one of his kids, along with their super pun-ny response. Then, he tells the even funnier punchline that is sure to have even non-parents rolling. His amazing deadpan delivery just makes it that much better. If you like jokes about Justin Timberlake,
Friends, cats, superheroes, and more, then check out a few of my favorite "No Dummy" jokes in the slides ahead.

Sprinters Joke

Refrigerator Joke

Lady Gaga Joke

Arrested in Hawaii Joke

Grocery Store Joke

Justin Timberlake Joke

Cheese Factory Joke

50 Cent Joke

Women Mistakes Joke

Friends Joke

Fish High Joke

Dad Joke Joke

Iron Man Joke

Cat Joke

Chris Hemsworth Joke

Dwayne Johnson Joke

Skateboarder Joke

Fantastic Four Joke