Save Our Skillets! This $3 Pan Scraper Gets Off the Food Crust

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I make eggs for my family weekly. My husband loves them, I love them, and my daughter loves them. And even though I use what I consider to be the best nonstick pan out there, at some point, things just start sticking — eggs in particular. I've had some success using these silicone dishwashing gloves, but they only get so much off.

After hearing people rave about this Lodge Pan Scraper ($3, originally $10) and reading through reviews, I was sold. You have to wait until the pan cools off before using it (the scraper is likely to melt otherwise), but then you're free to flick off those reluctant pieces that seem to just want to hold on for dear life. The scrapers are intentionally rounded in four different ways so you can get the angle you want. And those of you who spend the Summer flipping burgers for the kids on the grill might find this handy scraper useful, too! It really gets in all of those nooks and crannies.