This 10-Year-Old Football Player's Pregame Pep Talk Was So Good, Tom Brady Is Listening

I love those scenes in sports movies where a teammate gives an 11th-hour locker-room pep talk to a team of downtrodden underdogs before they invariably go on to win the big game. That's just what I witnessed when watching a 10-year-old boy boost the spirits of his elementary school football team — only this was no movie.

Fifth-grader Lane Bridges delivered a scene-stealing speech to his real-life Eastland Mavericks teammates earlier this week, and it 100-percent replaced Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger" as the amp-up I need after my alarm goes off most Monday mornings and before my next big office presentation.

"Be you, but also have passion," Lane shouted to his huddled-up team. "Be determined. Be this team. Be a maverick!"

At one point during the 45-second pep talk, he told the group of pint-size football players that if they have their hearts in it, they could take on anyone.

"When we get on that field, let's show them how to be a Maverick," he said. "Let's show them that we can beat them on their home field, on our home field, we can beat 'em anywhere. We can go to New England for goodness sake . . . and still beat 'em!"

Lane's heartfelt message didn't just sink in for the Mavericks. His mom's Facebook video also caught the attention of Chase Richardson, a high school football coach in Texas, who shared it on Twitter. From there, it surely made the three million people who saw it pump their fists in the air with excitement. Even New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady took note. Despite the subtle shade Lane threw, Tom recently "liked" a video of his pep talk on Instagram.

Now that's a cinematic ending right there.