A 7-Month-Old Kitten Hilariously Sabotaged His Owner’s Elf on the Shelf Setup

Jett, an adorable 7-month-old black cat, might as well be renamed The Grinch after he completely sabotaged his family's Elf on the Shelf setup on the morning of Dec. 11. In a series of photos posted to Twitter, Siarra Swanson shared the before and after of her brother's elves' daily placement — though her mom had set up the elves to look like they were making snow angels in flour spread out on a table, that's not exactly what the family woke up to find.

"My mom set up my brothers elf on the shelf like they were playing in snow and the last three pictures is what we woke up to instead," Siarra tweeted, along with two after photos of the now-completely messed up setup, as well as one of Jett covered in flour.

In the photo of Jett — in which he's being held as he stands on the table at the scene of the crime — he's pulling a face that makes it clear he knows he's been caught red-handed pawed. Hey, Elf on the Shelf isn't for everyone!