This Girl Does Hilarious Impressions of Her Mom on TikTok, and Wow, the Accuracy

TikTok is filled with hilarious comedians who deliver spot-on impersonations of everyone from Donald Trump to all of the annoying people in your life, but this 28-year-old writer's impressions of her mom just might be my favorite. We may all have different moms, yet TikTok star Ceara O'Sullivan (@cearajane) manages to capture the essence of all of our mothers in her hysterically accurate videos. While Ceara posts a variety of comedic content on her page, some of her most highly requested TikToks include those imitating her mom, Beth.

In fact, her most viral video, which is a reenactment of her mom "entering her childhood bedroom at 7 a.m. whenever [she] visits home," has struck a chord with so many that it's garnered over seven million views. From the "good morning, sleepyhead" and aggressive sound of rustling trash bags to "this would look cute with a cami under it," Ceara perfectly represents the experience of living in or visiting your childhood home, whether you're 15 or 35 years old. In another popular TikTok, she does an impression of Beth visiting Chipotle for the first time, and her followers are loving the accuracy.

Ceara's funny impersonations have people jokingly asking if we all have the same mother, and honestly, the thought has crossed my mind. (For the record, my own mom speaks Korean, yet I still found Ceara's spoofs to be scarily spot-on.) Watch some of the TikToker's funniest impression videos of her mom ahead, and get ready for a good laugh.

Ceara's Impression of Her Mom Entering Her Childhood Bedroom on TikTok

Ceara's Impression of Her Mom's First Chipotle Visit on TikTok