Trust Me, This Visual Representation of Cervix Dilation Is the Most Terrifying Pumpkin Display to Date

I've birthed two babies, and if those experiences weren't scenes out of a horror movie as is, seeing a step-by-step visual representation of a cervix dilating most certainly felt that way. And add pumpkins to the mix? Yeah, it's a full-on fright fest.

Still, it's worth looking at this photo of 10 pumpkins, each labeled with the progressive stage of dilation in centimeters — from a very reasonable one centimeter to an eye-bugging four to a hostile eight to an are-you-f*cking-serious-right-now 10.

Shared by Facebook group Pregnant Chicken, the display was actually set up by midwives at the Royal Oldham Hospital in Lancashire, England, as part of a pumpkin-decorating competition.

I'd say they won, but at what cost?!