Cheerios Re-Created Its Touching 1999 Holiday Ad in 2020 With the Same Actors!

I was only 9 in 1999, but I can still remember clearly the sweet and kind of funny commercial Cheerios put out that holiday season featuring a grandmother celebrating her grandchild's first Christmas — and now that spot has been reimagined for 2020! In the original ad, the grandmother chats to her granddaughter about how she traveled a long way to be with her for the holidays, and lays out a map of Cheerios on the baby's high chair to show where different members of their family live across the US (while the baby tries, mouth open, to eat each Cheerio). "But no matter where Grandma lives, we'll always be together for Christmas," the grandma says, before quipping that the baby "ate Dallas!"

Though the ad had a simple concept, it tugged at heartstrings enough to remain on people's minds for 21 years. On Nov. 20, TikTok influencer Cori Spruiell made a video asking General Mills to re-create the commercial in present day. "Hi, I am making myself cry over this Christmas commercial idea I just had, so if you work for General Mills, please, please make this happen," Cori said in her video.

She continued, adding a screen grab of the original ad to the background of her video. "OK, I'm hoping we all remember this oldish commercial from 1999 with the grandma and the baby . . . So please imagine that they release a commercial this year and it's like 20 years later, and the baby is grown up. They can't physically be together because of COVID . . . and — I'm gonna cry! — the baby and grandma are still 'together,' but on Zoom or whatever, but they're like, 'We're still together!' I swear, General Mills. Please!"

In early December, Cheerios commented on Cori's TikTok, writing, "This idea has us buzzing... stay tuned." Then, a few days later, the company shared a tease on its own account featuring part of the 1999 ad and a banner that read, "Christmas 2020 coming soon," ahead of releasing the new spot on Dec. 18.

In the new ad, Peggy Miley, the actor who played the geography- and cereal-loving grandma in 1999, is back with her onscreen granddaughter — Delfina Booth, the same actor who is now all grown up! — but this year they're meeting up for their holiday Cheerios virtually. See the touching new spot above, and check out the 1999 ad, Cori's TikTok, and the brand's teaser video below!

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The Original 1999 Baby and Grandma's First Christmas Cheerios Commercial

Cori Spruiell's TikTok Video Asking General Mills to Make a Follow-Up to the 1999 Ad

Cheerios Teases a Part 2 to Its 1999 Holiday Commercial

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Cheerios "Holiday Traditions" 2020 Christmas Commercial