The 5 Adorable Childhood Moments That Parents Never Forget

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Other parents may warn us that time flies, but we still watch our incredible kids grow from infant to preteen even faster than we thought possible. It's certainly a journey, but it also feels like every day can bring a new precious moment to document.

So we're thankful for the parents that grabbed their phones at just the right time and shared their adorable videos with us! From a charming obsession with an everyday item (like a toothbrush) to some big firsts and the incredible pride that comes with them, these parents gave us a glimpse into all the hilarity, joy, and absolute cuteness that comes with raising a child.

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Thanks to each and every TikToker that shared their astounding tykes with us: @nixondagley, @homeoftheharveys, @tarazwer, @thezsisterz, @mskayladrew, @boopsalot, @hlpvw, @the_andersons_, @notthefakechrisbrown, and @ianm2008, as well as Instagrammers @parentingwithprinciple and @bettlucas.

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