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Chris Hemsworth Talks About Homeschooling His Kids Video

Chris Hemsworth Says Homeschooling Kids is About Negotiation, Bribery, and . . . Failing Miserably

Chris Hemsworth is always a joy to watch. And even though we thought it was impossible, we love him even more after his interview with Jimmy Kimmel on Wednesday night. The pair start by discussing how they're coping with lockdown — for Jimmy in the US and Chris in Australia — before moving onto important topics like Elsa Pataky's accidental toilet paper stockpiling and which Thor props he has lying around the house.

Chris also spoke about how he and his wife are adjusting to homeschooling his children. He admitted that he barely understands the course material, so has no hope of teaching his kids."I've just relaxed into the idea that they're going to come out of this quarantine [with their] IQ under par," he joked, before saying the process of teaching children at his house is partly about negotiation, part bribery, with just failing miserably. Chris has spoken about how difficult homeschooling kids is before.

In fact, he even launched guided meditations and sleep visualizations for kids to help frazzled parents like himself, which he recorded with Taika Waititi. You can watch the full interview with Jimmy Kimmel above.

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