Chrissy Teigen Made the Cutest Chalkboard For Luna's First Day of School!

In honor of Luna Stephens's first day of her second year of preschool on Sept. 9, mom of two Chrissy Teigen made her 3-year-old daughter an adorable chalkboard sign. Featuring her age, a few stats about her right now (she wants to "do nails" when she grows up!), and some of her favorite things — like park days with her baby brother, Miles — the colorful chalkboard looks like it took Chrissy a while. But if you're not up slaving over some type of DIY project the night before school starts, are you even a parent?

Chrissy tweeted a photo of herself working on the board on the night of Sept. 8 (see the photo below!), and even though we initially couldn't look away from it because of how dang straight her lines of writing are (how'd you do that, girl?!), now we're living for the photo of Luna standing next to the finished sign proudly, and cackling at the one of Miles hijacking the photo shoot with his hilarious toddler antics. They are both so freakin' cute!

Chrissy Making Luna's Chalkboard
Twitter | chrissyteigen

Chrissy Making Luna's Chalkboard

Luna Posing With Her Chalkboard

Miles Stealing the Show While Luna Sits With Her Sign