Chrissy Teigen Sent Luna on a Scavenger Hunt Around the House, and We Want That Prize!

Chrissy Teigen constantly blesses our social media feeds with beautiful photos of her and John Legend's two kids, as well as recipe after delicious recipe; but on Sept. 1 she shared a fun parenting win that we're 100 percent about to steal: an at-home scavenger hunt for 4-year-old Luna led by handwritten clues. Chrissy wrote out the seven clues for her "mini mystery lover" on colorful paper, and each one took Luna and John through the family's home, from her underwear drawer to Peanut the hamster's cage and even to Miles's training potty.

Chrissy shared the clues to Twitter, followed by videos of Luna finding each one and reading them out with John's help, and it's all just so pure. Finally, Luna finds the last clue in her nail kit, which leads her to victory and a delicious prize. Keep reading to see all of the clues and to watch Luna navigate her way through Chrissy's scavenger hunt. This idea is so brilliant, we can't wait to do it with our kids.

All of Chrissy's Handwritten Clues For Luna

Well done, Chrissy!

Luna and John Reading the First Scavenger Hunt Clue

She is so dang cute it hurts!

Luna Finding and Reading Her Second Scavenger Hunt Clue

Did she just call a V "Dorito?!" LOL.

Luna Finding and Reading Her Third Scavenger Hunt Clue

Her happy dance!

Luna Finding and Reading Her Fourth Scavenger Hunt Clue

"Read it!" Come on, John, hurry!

Luna Finding and Reading Her Fifth Scavenger Hunt Clue

This hiding spot is a 10 out of 10.

Luna Finding and Reading Her Last Scavenger Hunt Clue

Her face! It's too much!

Luna Finding Chrissy and Her Prize at the End of the Scavenger Hunt!

Hot take: chocolate coins are the best chocolate ever. Congrats, Lu!