Chrissy Teigen Shows Off Her Baby Bump: "Look at This Third Baby Sh*t"

Leave it to Chrissy Teigen to make basically anything hilarious. After dropping a surprise pregnancy announcement at the end of John Legend's music video for his new song, "Wild," the mom of two took to Twitter to share her growing third baby bump with the world. And in classic Chrissy fashion, her reaction was amazing.

"Look at this third baby sh*t," she said while displaying her bump from the side in a mirror. "What the . . . oh, god."

Clearly, Chrissy is a bit shocked at her bump's progression this time around, but though everyone's body is different, it's not uncommon for a third baby bump to seemingly appear overnight. One commenter shared that she had a similar experience with her third pregnancy: "I swear the second the pregnancy test came back positive I had a bump with the third one. It's a crazy pregnancy πŸ˜…."

While bloating caused by hormones could explain a person's early bump, there's also the possibility that it's due to the shape or tilt of their uterus or that there's some diastasis recti β€” the separation of abdominal muscles during pregnancy β€” at play. Or there's no real answer, and the body is just doing its thing to grow an actual human (for the third time, in Chrissy's case)!

We're not fully sure when baby number three is due yet, but we can't wait for more pregnancy realness from Chrissy to come in the next few months.