Here's When We Think We'll Meet Chrissy Teigen's Third Baby

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend subtly announced a third pregnancy at the end of John's music video for his new song, "Wild," on Aug. 13, and we can't wait for them to welcome a new baby brother for Miles and Luna! But when can we expect to meet their third kiddo (who we'd safely bet might be another John look-alike)?

Based on the nature of Chrissy's announcement and her reaction to her already there baby bump, we couldn't be positive how far along she was at first — how long does it even take to produce a socially distant music video?! However, in sharing details of her situation with having a weak placenta — she was put on bed rest in early September and was then hospitalized on Sept. 27 — Chrissy shared that she was halfway there. Based on that information, we'd guess that baby boy is due in mid-February.

It's possible the mom of two will share a specific due date in the future, but for now, that's the best guess we've got! We're wishing Chrissy, her whole family, and her baby boy well.