Ciara Filmed the Joyful Moment She Told Her Daughter About Kamala Harris's Historic VP Win

Ciara celebrated Joe Biden and Kamala Harris's projected election win with her family, and she wanted her daughter, Sienna, to know exactly why this is a victory for all women. On Nov. 7, after Pennsylvania's votes pushed the politicians into winning territory, Ciara shared her reaction to the president-elect and vice president-elect on Instagram.

"How amazing is it that the first woman vice president is in the White House?" Ciara asked her 3-year-old. "And she's also a woman of color. It's so powerful. We can do anything we put our minds to, right?" Sienna sweetly echoed her words, and added a "Go girls! Go everybody!"

Sienna also added a quick "And the COVID's over!" before Ciara quickly corrected her — "COVID's not quite over, sunshine." We're with you there, Sienna. We wish all that good news came at once. However, Ciara has high hopes for Biden's administration, and so do we. "I believe that Joe Biden, President Biden, is going to be the right president to get us on the right track." Watch their adorable interaction in full above.