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Dad's Funny Morning Announcements For Kids | Video

A Dad's Hilarious Homeschooling Announcements Are Just What We Need Right Now

This is how we roll! #homeschooling #daythree #godhelpus

Posted by Jason Prechter on Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Father of three Jason Prechter is putting a personal spin on homeschooling. In a hilarious video he shared to Facebook on March 18, he gives his own version of the morning announcements kids typically get at school, and it's everything.

Complete with a fake bell he downloaded on his phone, Jason stands on the top of the stairs and shouts some instructions. And the best part of his performance? The lunch selections. "Today for lunch we will be having hot dogs or chicken nuggets, and your choice of vegetables and fruit," he says. "For the adults, we will have an open bar with various white wines from California, including some Pinots from the Willamette Valley in Oregon."

After reminding his children to wash their hands and refrain from putting their fingers into their mouths, he declares, "If you don't listen to your teacher, you will be quarantined to your room." He adds that if the kids feel that they might have COVID-19 they should tell their mother, because he'll be "hiding behind the water heater." Yup, sounds about right.

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