This Dad's Brilliant Hack For Teaching Kids to Wear Face Masks Is Beyond Easy

Like many parents, Leland Schipper, a high school math teacher from Iowa, is worried his son will struggle to wear a mask in the classroom. Rather than forcing his son to wear a face covering all day, Leland opted to get his son to wear his mask regularly by requiring it during screen time. He shared his promising idea to Facebook, and by the looks of the comments section, other parents plan to try it out.

"For parents worried their kids won't be able to wear masks for long periods of time this Fall, try this rule for your last few weeks of summer: You're only allowed screen time if you're wearing a mask," he wrote. "Either they will acclimate quickly, or you'll get them off devices for the last weeks of their summer. I've got my money on them acclimating and your kid's teacher having a much easier first week of school."

Pretty clever, eh? Families who are looking to stock up on masks for back-to-school season can check out this list of reusable face mask options or score some of Crayola's colorful face coverings.