This Dad's Face While His Son Dances Behind Him Is Hilarious, but the Caption on the Video Is Perfect

There's something about the theme song from the 1996 hit movie Space Jam that makes a person want to dance like they've never danced before, but when that phenomenon took over Jason Scott's son's body, the dad had a hilarious reaction to his boy bopping around. With the theme song by Quad City DJ's playing loud in the background, Jason can be seen in the forefront of the video, a disapproving look on his face as his son jumps around behind him. His face is enough to make anyone laugh out loud, but it's his caption — which is parenting in a damn nutshell — that really drives home the hilarity: "When someone else pays your bills and takes you everywhere you need to go." LOL, facts. See the full video above, and prepare to watch it several times on a loop.