This Dad Imitated His Daughter's Evening Routine on TikTok, and It's the Pajamas For Me

Whitney and Daniel Lawson believe that when it comes to parenting, a little humor goes a long way. Recently, Whitney filmed Daniel recreating their 8-year-old daughter Cadence's evening routine, and judging by how viral the video went, other families can relate.

"Our daughter constantly makes us laugh and is a little diva!" Whitney told POPSUGAR. "We knew it would be hilarious to imitate our daughter. When the roles are reversed, it's comical!"

From reenacting how Cadence dumps her backpack and shoes off the moment she gets inside the door to demanding cereal for dinner in a unicorn onesie, Daniel is right on the money when it comes to how 8-year-olds behave! Because the family's initial video raked in more than 14.1 million views so far, they created another funny clip depicting Cadence's morning routine. Unsurprisingly, it hits home for parents whose kids are borderline nightmarish while getting ready for school.